Chief Strategy Officer

Matt Monahan

Our Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Monahan joined Genesys with 20 years of benefits and healthcare experience.
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We know that we can make an impact on lives. And the more people that we can get to, the more healthy we can make people. Knowing the impact that we can have on an employee's life or an employer's financial situation is an incredible feeling.
Matt Monahan
Chief Strategy Officer

To know Matt is to be in the presence of an infectious energy. Matt sees the world differently; where others see a dead end, he sees an opportunity to connect, perfect, and solve. Matt isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and challenge the norm, taking pride in disrupting systems before building them back stronger and more successful.

Matt joins Genesys after leading the way as the National Practice Leader of an Insurtech benefits consulting firm where he was responsible for sales, service, and insurance operations for over 500 employers across the United States. Matt held multiple senior leadership roles at Aetna, where he was most notably the Northeast Region Head of Sales and Service, Vice President of Sales for the New York and New Jersey Market. Through his time in the Insurtech and traditional carrier space Matt worked closely to bring innovative solutions to market including: integrated benefit administration, Payroll, and HRIS, product based Accountable Care Solutions, Value based contracting, and reference based pricing solutions.

Genesys gives Matt the space to continue doing what he does best, this time at a much more accelerated pace: disrupting the healthcare industry so that he can put complex ideas into motion and solve problems in a way that hasn’t been done in the past.

What does this mean for you? The potential for what Matt can do in his new role is without boundary, meaning your business will be exposed to creative solutions and impactful strategies that others don’t even know exist. To be sure, the future is unknown, but it’s also in your favor.


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