Interview with Genesys CXO and Co-Founder, Tonia Scofield

How do you feel about being women owned?

I don't think of us as a women owned business. I think of us as a disruptor owned business! I am blessed to have had so many wonderful, strong, and talented women in my life that have given me the courage and strength to take risks, but none more than our CEO Caryn Cook. Genesys doesn’t happen without her strength, determination and vision. I am proud of what we have started, excited about the relationships we create, and the impact that we will have on the employee benefits landscape.

What drove you to co-found Genesys?

I have a passion for helping others, and in this business to truly make an impact you must have flexibility in your spectrum of solutions without the restrictions of “panels” or “partnerships.” Being able to do what’s best for the customer regardless of commissions, fees, or preferred arrangements gives me freedom to consult in a way that maximizes our client's experience.

As I look back on each role that I have held starting at a carrier focusing on large self-funded clients, moving to a privately held consulting company, or building my book of business at one of the largest employee benefits consulting companies in the world it became very evident that each role I took was to find the creative freedom to consult for my clients without restrictions. What Caryn and I quickly realized was we would have to go out on our own in order to consult in a way that made the greatest impact for the employers, employees, and the families that we served. I wake up every day incredibly thankful that we did!

How do you view your role as Chief Experience Officer at Genesys?

You don’t often hear  of an experience officer in our industry and we fundamentally believe that this is something that has been missing in the benefits space. I can’t recall anyone ever telling me how much they love their High Deductible Health Plan! Healthcare is a top 3 human capital spend and we expect so little from the experience. I mean, if it was like any other consumer good we buy on Amazon we would all be giving it one star and trying to figure out how to return it. I believe healthcare and a great experience aren’t mutually exclusive, it can be done and we have a track record that proves it.

Biggest Influence and overall success?

My dad for sure! He didn’t attend college, but my dad made up for it with hard work. He taught me to never give up and to get up every day and do your best. I have had many mentors both women and men and I have truly I appreciated each and every one of them because they took a chance and invested in me. I want to do that for others. I want to show my kids, just like my dad demonstrated to me, that hard work and doing the right thing for people always wins.

Something people may not know:

I was actually born to be a rock star...I love live music!

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